We are true to ourselves, and committed to always performing to beyond our clients expectations

Our Target


To take 400 Million business online

It has the biggest dream of our Company to get at least 400 million businesses online, once this dream is achieved, its time to have a new Dream


Participating Members

Aside being a software development company, we have a hub under our belt and expect to reach 200k members, with remote and On-site participants working with us an participants, it'll be the largest hub in Africa.


Partner Agencies

We at CheyisHub see partnership as a form of growth, expansion and an agent of improved productivity. We hope to achieve partnership with both new and existing businesses.

We give you solutions to your business challenges

Build an online presence with us.

A Brief History

Here, Let have a brief history of the history of the company please. Sir Vic

We Have Come A Long Way

We are here for you

Visit our office and build or grow your business with us.

Address Cheyis Hub: Cheyis' Place N100 Kitchen Opposite Dadin kowa last gate, by Shuna Academy Junction, Jos

We Would Love to Talk

We love conversations, and would love to have one with you! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your web application/website, design a new android app for your business, or want to get started with digital marketting, we would love hear from you.